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Il valore della pittura nei tempi moderni

Ad un primo esame superficiale l’argomento scelto potrebbe dare l’impressione di qualcosa di insolito, di eccentrico: una persona che dipinge che parla di Pittura, ai nostri giorni, può sembrare impensabile, inammissibile, quasi arrogante. Sembra che chi dipinge sia troppo coinvolto nella questione per essere in grado di affrontare questo tema in modo obiettivo e senza … Continue reading

The Acoustic Dream of Palma Cosa: dreaming through the strings of a guitar

I have always loved the guitar: it was the first and only musical instrument I have ever played in my life: but I started late, as I was already eighteen. Despite this love I have been, always and only, an amateur music player, although this allowed me to appreciate much more the true talents. I … Continue reading

About the updates to this blog …

I created this blog many years ago, to be honest only to have a point of reference for my posts on Twitter. As time went by I joined, as a simple editor, other blogs managed by other people: only after having experienced with these blogs I created the first blog of my own, born from … Continue reading

A proposito degli aggiornamenti di questo blog…

Ho creato questo blog molti anni fa, lo dico sinceramente solo per avere un punto di riferimento per i miei post su Twitter. Col tempo ho partecipato, come redattore, ad altri blog gestiti da altre persone e solo dopo aver fatto esperienza con questi ho creato il primo blog tutto mio, nato dalla necessità di … Continue reading

If art has no alternative …

  Anyone who looks at my work, on the net or live, immediately begins to address me by defining me “an artist”. Anyone who is even just talking about me, meaning to be kind, calls me “an artist”; consequently, to them, I am part, following this line, of the art world. It is natural, therefore, … Continue reading


  At a first, superficial examination this might give the impression of something unusual, eccentric: a painter speaking about Painting, in our time, may sound unthinkable, inadmissible, almost arrogant. It looks like the painter is too involved in the matter to be able and deal with that theme in an objective manner and without losing … Continue reading

Who is a “political activist”?

As far as I’m concerned to be a political activist means to show my own ideas and support them. And this, in and on itself, is not easy. Because proposing your own ideas means taking the field, as if you were at war, and be ready for anything, especially to be attacked. Since those people … Continue reading